Summer Camp

CCA provides a fun filled and educational Camps throughout the year.  Whether you choose Winter Camp, Spring Camp or Summer Camp we always have a lesson plan, creative theme, field trips and projects to match the theme.  Some of our themes & activities include:

Bayou Blast*Creatures and critters that make up our bayou, Crocodile Dock, Bamboogie. Gods amazing design of the life cycle in the bayou.

Wilderness Trail*Treasure hunts, mazes and problem solving activities in the great outdoors.  Blaze an amazing trail for God

Treasure Island*Discover hidden treasure in our earth, space and Gods Word.  Dinosaur Digs, fossils, gems, asteroids

Star Quest*Explore the heavens, stars, moon, sun.  Activities with light, rain, photography, mirrors, reflection.  Discover the Wonderfulness of Gods Creation

Maze Daze*Fun in the Desert; Reptiles, insects, flowers, cacti, and other desert dwelling creatures.  Learn their habitat and survival.  Surviving and thriving in today’s culture staying true to Gods Word.

Storm Chasers; Schooner Island*Learn what causes Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes.  Standing strong through storms.

Our themes are pared up with exciting field trips, crafts, art, media, skits,  drama, sports and programs.

Camp Flyer                                                   2015-Summer Camp Application