Summer Camp

CCA provides a fun filled and educational Camps throughout the year.  Whether you choose Winter Camp, Spring Camp or Summer Camp we always have a lesson plan, creative theme, field trips and projects to match the theme.  Some of our themes include:

  • June 14th – June 18th:      The BIG BOOM
  • June 21st – June 25th:      Take Flight
  • June 28th – July 2nd:        Savannah Safari
  • July 5th – July 9th:             Mt Everest
  • July 12th – July 16th:         Triassic Park 
  • July 19th – July 23rd:         Rainforest  Rumble
  • August 2nd – August 6:      Wilderness
  • August 9th – August 13:     Riding Faithful
  • August 16th – August 20th: Tomb Raider

Our themes are pared up with exciting field trips, crafts, art, media, skits,  drama, sports and programs.