Faith, character, and a foundation for a purposeful life.

Providing a Christ-centered education for children, kindergarten through 6th grades.



Dedicated to God, our community, and academic excellence

Cornerstone Christian Academy is a private Christian school in Lake Ridge, VA.

Our school provides families within the community a safe and nurturing place for their children to learn and grow.

We teach children from kindergarten (ages 4 upwards) through 6th grade, giving them the educational resources they need to flourish.

By combining the Abeka curriculum with Christian literature, Cornerstone is cultivating and promoting positive behavioral fruits of love, peacefulness, patience, hope, faithfulness, and loyalty to their friends and members of their community.

Our team of certified teachers and mentors are dedicated to unlocking all of our students’ potential academically, spiritually, and socially.

Biblical Foundation

Our educational philosophy is anchored in the word of God.

Nurturing Environment

We create an atmosphere for healthy whole child growth.

Academic Excellence

We support and encourage our students to achieve greatness.

Are you struggling to:

Find a school that aligns with your beliefs?
Give your child an education that supports your values?
Get your child the support and guidance they need to achieve their potential?

Committed to Jesus, centered in love, dedicated to your child.


Starting at age 4, Cornerstone begins building a strong phonetic foundation with letter-sound relationships, blends and sight word recognition. We promote enrichment programs in mathematics, music, and STEM concepts. We want to ensure your child is happy and adjusts to their new routine and surroundings, we focus on finding the right class for their abilities and maturity level.

1st - 6th Grade

We teach students from 1st grade through 6th grade. Classes include math, spelling, reading, writing, history, language, Spanish, art and STEM. Our curriculum is primarily the accredited Abeka, however we utilize other learning tools appropriate for each academic level such as IXL. Our goal is to make sure your students are provided with the academic tools they need to thrive throughout their lives.

Before & After Care Programs

We help busy parents better manage their time with before and after-school programs. Our extended care programs are available for all our K4 to 6th grade students and are an excellent option for both parents and kids alike.

Our programs offer a wide range of fun and productive activities that go beyond the classroom, including art, sports, science, drama, dance, and worship.

How to Enroll Your Child

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we make things as easy as possible for parents – including enrollment. The first step is scheduling a tour.

Schedule a Tour

Find out if Cornerstone is the right fit for your child by taking a tour around the school. You’ll be able to ask our teachers any questions you like to ensure that your child will be happy and settle into our private Christian school.




Learning to Love. Loving to Learn. Loving for Christ.

Finding a suitable private Christian school that can provide your children with the education they need to thrive can be incredibly challenging.

We believe that every child is entitled to a quality Christian education. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, our mission is to position as many children as possible for a successful, happy, and productive life.

We value a strong academic program, with Christian principles rooted in Godly character. Our teachers model Christian behavior rooted in a relationship with God.

We believe all children deserve an environment to thrive and grow. We understand that not everyone can afford a private education for their child. We offer supplemental scholarship programs to help families with financial issues to provide their children with an unshakeable foundation.

Give your child the education they deserve – become part of the Cornerstone family.